yoga & design


Let’s share waves,
dip into new cultures and
return to the rhythms and
presence of nature. 

and  you.


I am delighted to welcome you to beautiful South Morocco to become one with the waves. 

Nice Base will be our home for a week. It’s a lovely and sustainable surf boutique hotel that sits on a small hill in Tamraght, near Taghazout, where surfers meet since the 1970s to ride the famous right pointbreaks of Morocco.

The retreat is for yogis and surfers and those who don’t call themselves neither one nor the other. It’s an invitation to explore something new and dive deeper, to let daily routines go and create space for growth.



The movement-based and dance-like yoga flows are designed for surfers and are made with love. In the daily yoga sessions we open and strengthen areas we need for paddling, taking off and making turns and we soften the muscles and let tension go. 

Sometimes we move, sometimes we breathe, sometimes we meditate.
And sometimes we are gonna draw or write. 

We practice in a playful, mindful and fluid way. Yoga is not about being perfect, it’s about being you. As we move in a non-linear way you'll increase body-awareness and attain cat-like agility. This could especially be interesting if you love to dance on your board and through life. The movement and breathwork will bring you deeper into your body and closer to the wisdom that lies within you.

The yoga goodness happens in the yoga shala. A beautiful yoga terrace with a breathtaking view over mountains, ocean and the town of Aourir.



Whether you already catch green waves or you are going to surf for the very first time (so exciting!) – we’ll find waves for all levels. The local ISA certified surf coaches will provide you with the best knowledge. You can choose between beginner and intermediate lessons. Either way it’s about shiny eyes and big smiles.

By connecting with the ocean
you reconnect with your true self.

There will be 2 h lessons with a surf teacher in the morning and 2 h surf practice in the afternoon where you can surf free by your own to play with what you’ve learned in the mornings under the supervision of a surf teacher.



Nice Base offers lovely decorated rooms combining bohemian chic with Moroccan decor, a panorama pool with a swing, a skate bowl (omg!) and a climbing wall. 

Our hosts live sustainably, conscious of the tracks they leave on Mother Earth. They see it as their responsibility working in tourism and surfing in the ocean everyday to care about the environment and beaches. In order to avoid the use of plastic bottles, each guest gets his/her own glass bottle for the stay which he/she can fill up with filtered tap water. 



The chef in the kitchen cooks fresh, homemade, healthy dishes with vegetables bought at the local market daily. The meals are plant-based, meaning there are no animal-derived products used. Nice base produces its own almond milk with filtered water and local Moroccan almonds. And every day, we get to enjoy fresh and juicy fruit from our very own garden.


What’s included

Airport transfer from Agadir airport for arrival and departure
7 nights of accommodation in a boutique hotel with swimming pool, skate bowl and climbing wall 
Surfer’s breakfast and lunch 
Daily Yoga Sessions 
(one class in the morning, one class in the evening)
Surf lessons for 5 days
(2 h surf lessons in the morning, 2 h surf practice
under supervision of a surf coach in the afternoon)
Free surfboard and wetsuit rental
(only within the surf lessons package for beginners and intermediates)
Transport to the surf spots 
5 x dinner
Sauna evenings 
and fresh air and space to grow

Levels: all yoga & surfing levels welcome
Minimum number of people: 5
Maximum number of people: 15


SURF LESSONS PACKAGE (Beginner & Intermediate)
perfect if you would like to progress from white to green waves. 
Dorm or Twin Room: 859 euro
Budget Double Room: 914 euro
Deluxe Double Room: 1.072 euro

for any surfer that can already catch green waves and wants to progress his/her surfing and technique. 
Dorm or Twin Room: 1.029 euro
Budget Double Room: 1.084 euro
Deluxe Double Room: 1.242 euro

you are already advanced and just want transport and some local guidance. 
Dorm or Twin Room: 804 euro
Budget Double Room: 859 euro
Deluxe Double Room: 1.017 euro

Join until April 30 and you’ll save 50 euro on your package.

I’ll be happy to send you pictures of the rooms and to answer any question you have. Please feel free to write me an email.



You can be sure to find time for yourself whenever you want to. And please don’t be afraid to come on your own. I traveled like this for many years and found my best future travel buddies this way.




Both surfing and yoga connect me with my true self. It creates space for dreams and magic in my life. I feel a big love for the ocean and movement.

Because of the ocean I started to travel and I got to know beautiful souls and different perspectives. The ocean is my teacher. I learned to take what I get and to appreciate every moment. The more mindful and playful I meet waves or challenges in my life, the more ease I feel, the more fun I have. I am not a big surfer myself. I just enjoy the feeling of being small, far away from busy life, just me and my board in the middle of the universe.
While traveling I dived deeper into yoga and I’m still exploring. It’s my happy place that I love to share. Movement is a way to express myself, to reach out and to feel at home. The way I move is the way I live.

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