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Yoga is not about being perfect
Yoga is about being you


The good news is yoga is not about being perfect. It's about diving deeper and being authentic. Forget about being able to stand on your hands or being bendy like a pretzel. Instead let's be real.

Real talk. 
Real exploration. 
Real adventures.


What Yoga can do for you

Yoga is an art of living. It's the way we think, we speak, the way we relate to others and ourselves, how we move and what we eat.
Energy flows where attention goes.

Movement and breathwork bring you back to your body, back to the wisdom that lies within you. Moving in a powerful and graceful non-linear way – the way we move in my classes – makes you strong and flexible. It leads you to your own truth so you'll stay golden.
The way we move in class is the way we move in life. 

Additional breathing techniques clear and sharpen the mind.
You do you.


2011    After a surf session a catlike old man opened up a new feeling towards me through yoga on a roof top in Sri Lanka.

2013   Since my 200hr yoga teacher training at Yogawege I’ve taught many classes in Vienna, at longboard and surf camps in Germany and the Canary Islands and I held workshops at yoga festivals. 

2017   I did my Budokon 50hr Yoga teacher training which encorporates elements of yoga, martial arts, animal locomotion and calisthenics.

2018   I did my Budokon 100hr Mobile Mover teacher training in Amsterdam.