I am Dani, a graphic designer and yoga teacher. I take pictures and draw and sometimes I write. Above all I am. I love going places, music, good people and feelings and I like it best all together, real and bright. This is how my yoga classes are. A space to move, connect and to activate yourself.


Be the rhythm


 I like to create movement-based and dance-like yoga flows that challenge you in a positive and creative way. Are you able to move freely with full commitment and willingness to fail a few times along the way? Can you break your patterns to make space for the unknown and growth? In my yoga and movement classes I welcome you to listen to yourself, to meet your strength and embrace your sensitivities. You simply do you. 



Find your rhythm and strength while diving deeper into movement and breathing. Yoga will leave you feeling like the best version of you.


Design and Yoga go hand in hand. It's equally about vision and intuition. Form follows feeling. Feel free to take a look at selected works.


Expect nothing. Appreciate everything. Yoga playlists, dance-like videos and things I'd love to share with you.